Connect your devices to the internet or each other to make the most of today’s technology.


Today’s households are filled with devices ready to get online, whether to access the internet or each other, or both.

Did you know the family iPad could connect to a huge database of movies on a Media Center next to your TV, while surfing the web on a high speed Wifi modem? Did you know most current printers either have built in wireless or the option to hook it up to your network, meaning you can print from your phone, laptop or tablet from any room of the house? Let’s have a chat and see what’s going to suit you best.

Windsor Computers can source, configure and test all components to ensure it’s entirely a smooth process to learn and use your new network features.


A reliable and stable network is an extremely important back bone for any business. Windsor computers can set up a great network that will be able to handle your business’s needs with ease.

Whether its an email exchange server, high speed WiFi, automated system/data backups or any other industry specific requirement, Windsor Computers will have it all working in harmony in no time.

No matter if you need an expansive wireless network, local wired network or a hybrid solution, Windsor Computers can provide you with an array of options tailored to your business.

Your network will be secure, robust and flexible enough to change based on your business’s needs. With 24/7 emergency support via phone or email, you can be confident in your new network and it’s ability to perform above and beyond expectation.

Get connected today!