Windsor computers covers all bases when it comes to upgrading your technology, whether that’s improving the performance of a current system or upgrading your experience entirely by to a new system tailored for you.

Upgrade Existing

If you’re currently using a computer that you mostly enjoy and would just to have a few things tweaked, Windsor Computers can recommenced and install parts that will work in harmony with your existing system.

Upgrading specific parts of your computer is a great way to improve your experience without having to invest in a brand new computer.

The most common upgrades Windsor Computers encounters are either increasing hard drive memory so you can keep more saved on your computer, or increasing your RAM which allows you to do more at the same time without slowing down or lagging.

Upgrading your network will allow more devices to simultaneously access the internet without effecting each others performance. There’s a range of options when it comes to connecting your devices to each other and the internet and Windsor Computers is more than capable of handling your networking needs. Whether its hard wired connections between buildings or wirelessly¬†broadcasting high speed internet throughout your home or business.

Upgrade To Something New

Sometimes a fresh start is the best option, and thanks to technology and the way it more than doubles in efficiency each year means that a whole new system can really change the way you interact with technology.

Whether it needs to be a simple web browser, a powerful photoshop machine or a a business backbone, Windsor Computers will advise and provide the best solution for you.

All new systems from Windsor Computers are assembled in Australia and properly set up with the things you’ll actually need to get going as soon as it’s in your possession. Rock solid Anti Virus software will be loaded on and activated to ensure your new device and those who use it stay fully protected when you go online.

See how Windsor Computers can improve your entire technology experience today!