Experience a whole new level of service with Windsor Computers. There is no Call Out fee and often repairs can be completed onsite within 1 to 2 hours.

Workshop Rates Capped at 3 Hours

24/7 Emergency Support

Always Updated With The Status Of Your Computer

Experienced in all computer brands, old or new.

What kind of problemĀ are you experiencing?


Windsor Computers is able to diagnose and solve hardware issues for all computer brands, types and operating systems. There’s a large range of potential causes and issues that you can experience when owning a computer, Windsor Computers is here to assist you through any sickness your Laptop, PC, Tablet or Mobile may experience.

Generally hardware issues will cause symptoms like audible noises (clicking) from the computer, running very slow, over heating or not turning on at all. Once the misbehaving components have been identified Windsor Computers will attempt to repair the part, if that’s not an option then the part can be replaced or Upgraded.

Windsor Computers always backs up your computer before working on it to ensure that no matter what solution comes forth, you’re data will never be jeopardized.


Software issues can be particularly tricky to diagnose as while a problem may seem simple, it may be the result of a virus or corrupt data on your system. Windsor Computers has many methods to help determine the issue, fix the issue and then ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Whether it’s a particular software, a certain file or something you experience consistently while using, Windsor Computers will endeavour to get everything running smooth as possible again for you.

Using top of the line Anti Virus software, Windsor Computers can cleanse and protect your computer to make sure your computer stays running at its optimum levels.

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